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Originally Posted by Scion
Hey gang!

I've been thinking about this the past few days...

Sravana, I know exactly what you mean. Not that the BG or the BBC will be "thin" for everyone, but that once you come to expect a certain amount of symblioc traction from your deck, using a theme deck that's light on esoteric underpinning just gets harder and harder.
As I'm not heavily into esoterica, I'm thinking that there is more to it than even that. We're talking about an Intensive Deck Study - and if there's no "there" there, is it possible to do 3-4 months (or even weeks??) with a deck that's simply a RWS clone? Now, there might well be enough there to do a One Deck Wonder - particularly if you are reading, reading, reading - vs. *studying*. There has to be something there to study. I can see an ODW with the BBC (or BG? I don't have that deck, and wasn't interested in it) or Robin Wood, or Druidcraft, or any of a number of theme RWS clones. But if you're going to do an IDS, more meat is required!
Originally Posted by Scion
There's something at work here about our old Plug-n-play thread and Koster's Theory of Fun. The line shifts for each of us, but there is a line. Too hard and we get bored, but too easy ditto. In some ways lighter clones seem like window dressing; they just spruce up the WS images for folks who don't want a big change, but want to stir the pot a little. Like holiday decorations.
Holiday decorations! That's exactly how I see RWS clones these days, too.
Originally Posted by Scion
They aren't a remodel, just an overlay.
But then there are the 'remodel' decks - I'm thinking of the Wheel of Change and NOVT that afrosaxon and Kat have knocked heads with for months.
Originally Posted by Scion
And when you peel the overlay back you're left wiuth that one foundation. The clones that have more passionate adherents probably have more grist, and thenc emore symbolic traction.

Now, that speaks to something about the Bohemian Gothic specifically...

Emily, I seem to remember that the thing that finally "broke open" the Liber T for you was the way it accessed your intuition. Back when Karen & Alex were building the deck, I took a big load of books on the Gothic to Prague that they wanted. The deck was already underway, but Karen sort of wanted to toss some ideas into the stew. Maybe if you put away the deck and approached it from a more narrative standpoint. Karen was so dedicated to keeping the BG about Gothic as a landscape as opposed to a narrow list of stories.

I feel like what's so great about the Liber T is the way it reads as though you're having a waking dream, and the BG seems like it could head in that direction. Maybe if you took a week and just read some great gothic fiction... stuffed your head with the stories as it were? You might return to the BG deck with a wider field of internal references upon which your readings would draw. Not in the sense of book-learning, but just to feed your imagination.
I think that's another good suggestion.
Originally Posted by Scion
Anyways, just wanted to toss my 2 cents in... Very interesting thing to think about actually. And one that probably merits a nice rowdy thread, sravana.
You go ahead, I'm starting to get really busy...
Originally Posted by Scion
Having written all summer, I'm actually taking a much needed break from writing myself.


so if you're taking a writing break/hiatus, are you going to be around here more often? ::hope, hope::
I wish you would tell us a bit more about your writing re: Liber T. I'm v. curious about your methods, and perhaps you could tempt us with a few paragraphs of your work?
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