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Originally Posted by Faolainn Storm
Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. I'm feeling a little blue at the moment and to get a happy birthday here was a lovely unexpected blessing.
Happy Birthday! (I just saw this... )
Originally Posted by Faolainn Storm
I've been thinking about my IDS, and I feel that I've come to the end of it. Something sravana said has suddenly started bells ringing for me. I love the Tarot of Dreams, but it is a little "thin". I need something I can STUDY. I am a natural scholar, and love reading and researching, but there isn't enough here for me to study. It's a lovely and highly readable deck, but very much plug-and-play.

So I've decided to begin a new IDS. I'm going to go with the Arthurian Tarot (Hallowquest). I have two of the companion books and Arthuriana is my favourite area of study. I have copies of most (if not all) the original Arthurian legends (12th - 14th century stuff). I've read a lot of it, but not all and I've read a lot of academic work on Arthuriana. There's so much background related study I can sink my teeth into.

So I'm changing my IDS to the Arthurian Tarot from today, contining until, well I guess as long as it continues!

Faolainn Storm
Very cool! I look forward to hearing how this works out for you...
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