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Originally Posted by weaver
Somewhere along the line, I thought I'd read that the mass produced deck was going to be smaller, more along the lines of a playing card deck sizewise. It was with that in mind that I posed my border inquiry. There is no way that I would trim the Touchstone deck! Still, for readability purposes, I'd hate to see the size of the actual card images reduced which, in the nicely sized special edition version and without its border factored in, are currently the size of playing cards.
The deck was only actually created digitally as 480 x 640 pixels due to the fact that I was working with low-resolution source material. The geeks among you will know that even at a fairly low-res of 240 dpi, printed out 480 x 640's would only be 2" x 2.6" or so. Both editions have been upscaled from this - basically, enlarged. So technically there's no more detail there, but I guess if it's bigger then it's easier to see How's that for a totally nerdy explanation??

In plain English for the non-nerds, I made it at playing-card size. Both editions have enlarged my designs
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