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Originally Posted by crazy raven
The full Moon in Cancer has a feeling of home, love, gentleness and nurturing. This woman could be a goddess, Gaia, a medicine woman whose energy force has been with us since the time of our birth. She helps us to access knowledge from within ourselves.......she answers our questions

When we are in communion with her, we see with clarity, our vision of our own creativity, potential sparks our will which is the part of us that takes responsibility. It is the ground of our creative reactions. When we are grounded, balanced, we have confidence in our own creativity and that of others too.

This card speaks of intuition, joy, strength, compassion and nurturing. To meet this medicine woman we could begin with the beat of a drum which allows to be in rhythmic tune with the heartbeat of Gaia, the Great Mother, etc. Although no drums are in this picture, the heartbeat acts as one of the same, which allows mother and child to form a rhythmic pattern, sound waves which enables them to send messages to one another.......or allows you to sing your song.
Wow! how did I miss this post? Thank you Crazy Raven for sharing your insights on this thread. MAAT Study Group has been very quiet and I guess I should stop by more often to hear what is being said. You are right on with this card. Once again thanks for sharing.
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