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Originally Posted by Emily
I'm back - three guesses which deck I'm going to be using in my next IDS - the Liber T lol. Ohh well - I think I'm a lost cause.

I haven't been able to find a deck that stands up to the Liber T - I can read with other decks quite easily but they just don't seem to have the depth that the Liber T has and they don't make intuitive reading easy.

The themed decks don't work for me at all, they seem to be too narrow in the interpretation or I see the same things each time I look at a card and it gets repetitive and I still don't want to go back to the RWS symbolism - well not for a deck I want to study. The Liber T artwork is very fluid and works with you. I guess I wasn't ready to move on.

All I have to do now, is to work out some kind of study programme again or decide how I'm going to do it this time round.

Edited to add:-

Just been looking at the above spread and it looks very interesting.
Welcome back, Emily!
Somehow I'm not surprised that you're back with Liber T - I can't come up with a deck that has as compelling a system, unless it was something like the NOVT. I'm also not surprised that the BG couldn't hold a candle to the LT. I had the same problems with the BBC - not enough 'there' there. Not that they are bad decks, not at all. I can see me having great fun with the BBC again. But not now!
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