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Would it be too ridiculously late for me to try an IDS again?

I know, last time i didn't survive a month, and frankly, i couldn't tell you if i'll survive another if i try again. But i want to. I finally found amidst my deck collection the one i wish to use for the next few months, and besides, i need to study a bit more of Tarot.

Life has just been so...complicated lately. I need something to concentrate on, a personal project, a study...anything.

But i'm unsure...i wouldn't have problems with wanting to try other decks, because i have been barely using any of my decks. My problem would be the opposite...USING the deck, reading, learning, journaling. Sometimes i do a three-card reading and it feels like i'm trying to read greek...nothing comes, i struggle to make sense of the readings. But i love tarot, it's impotant to me, i don't want to 'lose' it.

So...what do you think? Should i try again? What if i fail?
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