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Originally Posted by Queen of Pentacle
What the difference between the special edition and the mass market? Beside the goodies?
Is is a box ?
Are the edges gilded?
Is the cardstock like the golden?
Are the images printed the same way in the special as in the mass market?
Derek posted on Page 23 of this thread about the Kunati edition - box, size, gilt edges etc.

Final decisions about things like cardstock and the images on the cards haven't yet been made - eg, I am considering minor tweaks to the artwork as I write the book (which I'm doing now).

I doubt that the major release will have the same unusual raised printing as the LE version - we didn't really intend that, it was just what her locally-based printing company gave us. I've never seen it on any other deck, so I'd say it's not a usual mass-production technique.
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