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The Emperor's horns

Hi C R,
Well this morning before I saw you posted, before I even got onto my email.
I was getting ready for my day and "Em pa re" popped into my head. And in my mind I thought about the quote in my book and the Egyptian meaning,
"in the house of Ra".I began to think about how Octavian was the first Roman Emperor changing his name to Emperor Augustus, and the custom of Egyptians to give the title "Em pa re and then the name of the person giving them the title..." to foreign dignitaries. So somewhere in the ethers where my guides reside your post already registered. One never knows why things pop into mind. Like a song you can't get out of your head...and the words end up having meaning.

Anyway thanks for posting again. Regarding the horns of the Emperor the Egyptian god Amen-Ra was a ram headed god I put those horns on my Emperor to signify Amen. His ram head corresponded well to my Aries Moon cycle and typified the power of the sun as the sun's energy wanes in the northern hemisphere it is clear how dependent nature is on sunlight. The timing felt right. When I am painting and working with symbolism I don't always think in words so the idea of recording or writing about what the horns mean seldom occurs to me. I have had to learn to write and explain verbally about my work. Most of the time I don't know why something is in an image until later I just know at the time of creation that it needs to be there.

I am thoroughly enjoying you posts.
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