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See ya, Prism! We might catch up with you, Scapini in hand, soon?

QJ, glad to hear that you're enjoying the Liber T. I read all posts about that deck voraciously

PolarBear - I know what you mean about the biscuit thing! I think I've fallen off the wagon, with all my new arrivals! I now have the Luman deck at work and am drawing a card daily from it. But it works so completely differently to any Tarot that I really find it hard to compare.

I did the Aces a few days ago, and now I've only got the Threes and Tarot Tree Level Five to go. I might then have a wee while with whatever decks take my fancy, before diving into something else. I just got the Vikings from franniee and while the art is a bit sloppy, I read through the whole LWB last night (the English bit, anyway LOL) and I am so impressed with the way that the creators associated deities with the cards. Ahem! Off topic, I know, just had to say something

\m/ Kat
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