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Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords- Fey

The fey is ready for battle or for at least an adventure. The dragon she's riding looks like it's made of stone or maybe paper. Like maybe the dragon or adventure could be one in her head since this suit deals with mental aspects. Those feather like things look like dragon scales to me. The dragon scales are floating in the air to seemingly represent the air element of the suit. The dragon is saddled and has a bit in his mouth. He doesn't look too happy about it. She's wearing knee pads as if she's going to fall on her knees. Maybe the adventure/dragon ride is bumpy or maybe she doesn't want to appear "weak in the knees" for someone? Anyway the fey seems like she is more concerned about how she acts and looks instead of those around her. The red background means to me that she is willing to "cut" emotionally to look good. Maybe in an intellectual debate. Not to go as far as low brow insults but maybe snobby intellectual ones. She's young so she hasn't fully matured yet.

Just my thoughts.
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