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Originally Posted by Mimers
Simple yet deep Lovers card. The union of opposites is very clear here. I love how the Lovers are of different color because this puts the emphasis on opposites. Hip to hip they are joined. The ribbons of Beltaine show it is spring along with the lush green background.

In the Maat deck, I see the Lovers card being about joining of opposites and the beginning of new life. Commitment (joined at the hip), celebration (Beltaine), life (green background).
I like what Mimers said here and I really like this card Julie. It's simple but powerful.

Awakening, healing, synchronism, sexuality, equilibrium, magical attraction, magnification are some of the words I sense with this card. During the full Moon in Scorpio and Sun in Taurus, there is another celebration known as the Wesak Festival (Wesak Festival is performed in the Wesak Valley in the Himalayan mountains…….the whole world can tune into this incredible energy) It is a time when the Buddha is said to return to the earth, uniting the world together, giving all of us the ability to find our stillness within—offering us clarity to help achieve our goals. It unites to the vision of world peace, raising our frequencies to come into oneness with all humanity. Through the chanting that takes place a rhythmic weaving surrounds the people and is said to grow stronger as the moon moves up to the sky. All become ONE.

This card is also very empowering. I see it asintegrating our sexuality and spirituality. Osiris was dis-membered but Isis searched and re-membered, re-collected and re-united. She found a greater union, driven by Eros, by Love. To do this we have to give up old ways of being, old attachments old patterns so the new can emerge.

It invites us to discover that sacred point between two worlds which takes us to the world of the Shaman, priest, or priestess, who live in two worlds at once.

Found this quote as well which seems fitting.

Originally Posted by Arnold Mindell
Once the abandoned self in the body has been touched by listening and caring for it, the body awakens and acts like a partner to consciousness. The self in the body, the dreambody, becomes personal power, unfolds its wings, stretches beyond its imprisonment in doings and acts out its dreams, its myths. One sees this happen in dreambody work, as individuals follow their bodies, let them flow freely and discover the myth behind personal life, the experience of freedom.
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