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I am so happy to be here

Thank you: Keavy, Rodney, Quantum James & Kat

I have not yet understand "quote" & "smilies", so this may be a little confusing.

You all made me smile & feel lighter in my heart (a Swedish expression?) when I read your encouragement, advice & about your experience.
It is nice to know, I am not alone to have trouble to decide.

My problem is that I am a recovering, I hope, perfectionist.
Which means that I either do things perfect - or not at all!
& a LOT of time goes to decide which is the perfect choice.
I am working on it.

I decided to do the IDS in June, & I started then to choose between twelve decks.
Then came two more with the mailman, so fifteen decks to choose from.Now at the end of August I am down to three.
I wish I had written here before, & that I had read Rodney's "process of choosing" post.That really suits me.

Vanessa was in my last seven.
What you wrote about how readings with Vanessa made you know that she choose you gave me an idea:
I draw cards for Sweden during OS, with these decks, among others. I should check those draws.
(We didn't do well, but the three times I draw 5 Swords = Sweden won, but they didn't win when the Sun or the World came up!?

You are an inspiration.
I printed out your "process of choosing". & thank you for your example of questions. Just what I needed to inspire me to some of my own.That's what I'm going to do, ask your questions & draw one, two cards. Then I will count them, and the one with most positive points, & least negative points, wins an IDS with me.

This is much more important than vacuum-cleaning or washing laundry! (a smiling smily here)

Quantum James
Yes, I shall also use the interview spread, thank you.

I have followed your account of your journey with your Wheel of Change. Your writing have made me wish I liked the WoC.

I will absolutely come back when I have decided. You are all so encouraging & helpful & friendly.
I think at least I am over that my English is not so good, so I can start to contribute here. I have been lurking enough years,
with only small attempts.
Thanks for your help
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