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Originally Posted by sravana
In my experience the UF is quite tantalizing - but it doesn't want to talk to me. Very dense, in my experience. Now, you just keep trucking with Liber T - keep your eyes on the prize and all that - remind yourself just *why* you're doing this... and put that darned UF deck somewhere that you can't see it!
Hi Sravana! - I hear you - the thing is the UF talks with such a clear voice to me, I suspect its because I am such a die hard fantasy reader so my mind makes stories about those cards in a flash. I have been good though. I played with it for one day last week and its been resting, while I focus on Liber-T ever since.

Have you ever noticed that a deck needs to warm to you before it becomes more accurate in readings? I have definitely found this with the Liber-T, and I dont just mean interpreting the cards, but the readings as a whole become a lot more crystalized the more i work with it - there might be less white noise or whatever - if you get my drift... The first while the Liber T seemed to be holding back a bit but it seems to be right on the money now. Has anyone else experienced this?

Good luck with restraining yourself from playing with your new acquisitions Sravana! I, perversely, am enjoying waiting for the UF - so I can savour it on my special Liber T off days!
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