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Well I haven't got much studying done as late. I've kinda veered off into strange realms for a bit. I've been reading quite a bit. I am almost finished "The Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov and my mind is matching up cards with characters and events like crazy. I've also read a few other books and am expecting three more in the mail. So this IDS seems to be a lot about reading this time round.

I only have half of the Coupe pips to finish and all the other pips so I think I need to make myself be disciplined and try to do at least one a day. I have been doing the Daily draw although I've been lazy this last little bit. I'm going to change that a bit and start doing two cards for the draw and read them as one.

I have also come to an end of buying. I have three decks coming to me in the mail and three books and I have no desire to buy anymore. What is left of what I want is either impossible to get or hasn't been fully created yet. It actually feels very good to not want anything else. I have a feeling that I will put a lot more energy into my IDS now that I'm unconcerned with what I could get my hands on.

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