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Touchstone is here! Yay!!

Well first off, I bit the bullet and paid the Customs tax; after all, I want my deck!

The lady at the Royal Mail depot was very sympathetic and said that Customs usually charge for items valued over £18 and anything below this will not incur charges.
However, she said that ‘they’ don’t really understand how it is all worked out! And yes it is very random, as many items over the above amount don’t incur any charges at all!
So just a little warning for future reference, you may be charged!

Anyway, enough of that lol!

OMG what a beauty! No: 264.

Essjay, wait till you open the box!
I can’t believe I have the lovely Wine coloured bag. This is the one I was secretly hoping for!
I don’t usually go for incense, but this smells like the mulled wine you get over here at the Christmas fair…..mmmmmm.
And to also include a talisman and pen as gifts, what a lovely touch.
Thank you.

This deck is everything and more………

I’m off to play!
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