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Bohemian Gothic Tarot-The Empress

The Empress and her little granddaughter look like they are smiling for the
camera. They are dressed in their royal finery. But when you look in the mirror image the empress is facing a skeleton who is coming toward her.
Is this a reflection in the mirror or is he in the room actually reflected in the mirror. Does she know she is smiling at a skeleton or is she seeing what she
wants to see? The child is managing to almost eek out a smile but looks a little freaked out.
The empress is the mother card- perhaps the skeleton is her own mother
and the empress is there with her daughter or granddaughter. I could
be showinging the cycle of life. Many of us probably feel those that have gone before us at our sides at times. However, with the flowers on the stand and the royal finery it almost looks as though she is looking at a suiter.
Maybe its her dead husband, but in this desk hed probably be wearing a crown.
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