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Deviant Moon VII Pentacles

This is a very likeable card. Here is a little witch creature who has worked hard on her tree of pentacles. NOw she wants to see if it is worth her hard work and if it is time to harvest. As she pokes the tree with her wand blood drops out of the tree. You can see it on the ground. Maybe it is like a syrup tree and she is tapping it to see if it is ready. The tree is giving its life source up to her in response for her hard work. The factorys in the background are busy and prospourous with their chimmneys putting out smoke.
I think there is an analogy here about blood and bearing life also.

Looking at the LWB is says she is a young witch practicing her spells and poking her tree with a rusy nail to draw blood. It says the tree was formerly
dead and now it is alive with pentacles. Life where there was none.
That is cool too.
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