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Enjoy your break! I think you more than deserve it! Good luck with your Lenormand; I've never used it myself, but I know people who swear by it.


I journal every night with my Greenwood, and the length and intensity do vary, but for the most part, I wind up with at least several pages, front and back, college rule notebook paper. I start off with my impressions on the card, then move into the sometimes many things that the card can mean in the context of a reading, and often it turns into personal exercises. For example, with the Fool, I included a list of things that I wish I was "Foolish" enough to do, things I wish I could just take the leap with and plunge into the Unknown.

Sometimes my journal entries ramble, and sometimes they don't even make sense when I go back the next day and read them, but they're still mine and they're important to me. Most of the time, it takes me well over an hour to do a complete journal entry for one card, but I consider it a worthy investment.
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