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Originally Posted by All Is One
That was quite the post! I knew you would love this deck.

I spent all afternoon trying to read about the Tudors (and I THOUGHT I knew them) on my computer.

I do love a Wikpedia entrie, normally, but on the

Not enough sanely presented information.

But the things that I thought I knew and was SO SO SO wrong about were funny.

My husband is obsessed with Stalin and such.....I am obsessed with the Russian Czars (Tzars....whatever) and between the two of us....

I guess we equal obsessed.

I'm working on a Stalin Deck.

He sealed the people he thought were against him into a submarine.....and sunk it.

Why does that impress me?

Am I a Tudor WannaBe

Or has my deck gone to my head?
You too? I am also Czar obsessed Not Stalin so much but Peter The Great, Nicholas II, Catherine the Great etc. I would definately buy your Stalin Tarot. Would it have that cool socialist artwork?

If you lived closer you could borrow from my extensive library on Tudor and English history! Not to forget, thank you for your compliment on my post!

Leisa I'd like to say too that this deck and the production is fantastic!! You put out wonderful decks with warmth and a human touch. Like others I have the Tarot of the Crone and Alchemical and those are so well done. All 3 are jewels in my collection, please know we're all very grateful and happy with the hard work you do to create these works of art
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