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I'm baaack!

I've spent the time since my last failed IDS to consider what I really wanted out of the tarot practice. One day, on a whim, I clicked the Marseilles sub-forum... and there it was. A clean, blank slate to paint on. I've been studying the Marseilles for a few weeks now, and finally decided to make it official.

My Pledge: To study the Marseilles tradition until at least December 31st. I can use either of my Marseilles decks, the Hadar or the Visconti, but I will try to focus most of my energy on the Hadar for now.

I Will:

* Use other decks once in a while to avoid burnout. This means I'm limiting my decks to a scant few, however...for example, I can play with the Halloween Tarot in late October.
* Journal frequently; this means studying each card individually and writing down at least the cards and positions in spreads.
* Attempt to do a reading, at least three cards, once a week.
* Be able to perform readings for friends (and hopefully on the Exchange Forum) by early December.

I Will Not:

* Buy any new decks unless they've been on my wishlist for at least one month.
* Use another deck simply because I'm frustrated with the Marseilles.
* Go more than 24 hours without shuffling the cards, barring horrifying personal crises.

I've been having trouble reading RWS-like decks these last few months, so I'm excited to go "back to basics", as it were. I have some trepidation, seeing as my last few attempts at an IDS blew up in my face, but the best thing to do is get back on the horse.

I've been keeping an eye on this thread even after I dropped out of the last round, so I can safely say I'm glad to join the ranks of TDM-studiers in here.
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