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Originally Posted by sravana
What kills me is that in one of the cards (4 batons? 4 swords?) the flower actually points downward when the card is upright. That's essential, IMO.
::looks through Hadar:: Actually, it's the 4 and 6 of epees - in both cases the flowers point down. You can tell which way is which with this deck because of the color choices Hadar made - blue is always on the right.

Consider yourself KICKED!
Yeah I find all sorts of interesting details when I go through my decks like that. I don't use reversals at all though. For me each card is it's own ying and yang and I just have to understand which side it's on when I'm reading!

*rubs sore bum* yep I needed that! All my good intentions last night never happened. I journaled the last few days I was behind, reordered my deck and got engrossed in a movie! That was the end of that! I will try again tonight. *looks sheepish*

Originally Posted by Prism
Anyway, it's nice to be here (even though I feel like I'm a bit of a slacker).
Welcome back! Your not the only slacker around here! I've been getting really bad for it this time around!

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