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Originally Posted by rwcarter
Welcome back Alamaris!!!!! I guess I know what this means for the Lazy Afternoon Tarot....

Thank you! And don't despair, I've still got my mind set on finishing it eventually. Even if the minors end up more like "moody minors" than RWS replicas.

Originally Posted by sravana
Alamaris, great choice with the Hadar! Highly recommended and all that.
Which threads in the TdM forum are you looking at? A lot of people read TdM using EE's methods, but I'm working with the very detailed (and fun!) Melanchollic methods.
Isn't it just a lovely TDM? I had my eye on a Fournir (sp?) for a while, but decided it was too colorful. The Hadar is just right.

EE's methods just plain baffled me, actually. Was reading through pages of people gushing over it and here I'm going HUH?? Mel's methods baffle me too, but I'm closer to understanding those...they seem more "concrete" somehow. EE's seem wonderful, but a little ephemeral for my taste. I'm thinking of posting something over in the Astrological Spread area for you and the rest of the die-hards to help me dissect. It might be a day or two, though, since I'm having many guests at a gathering/sleepover tonight -- I have a feeling alcohol may become involved somehow, in which case I'm going to have to play nanny and tuck most of them into bed...!
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