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Hugging The Deck

Originally Posted by Hedera
Mine arrived today!

Great timing, too, since I could do with some cheering up (having just come back from one of those really difficult vet appointments).

And I really love it, it's a splendid little deck - I'll post a detailed mini-review in the next day or two, hopefully.

Just one question though; the bag that came with the deck is lovely, and fits well - apart from the top (with the decorative band sewn onto it), where it is really very, very snug.
Makes it kind of tricky to get the cards in and out: either the cards fit, or my fingers, but not both.
It *is* possible to get them in and out, but I worry about damaging the cards that way.

Are all the bags like that?
I have two decks and hence...two bags.

They are snug.

But when tied up nicely they make a much nicer picture of a deck in its bag than the huge baggy ones I make.

It will loosen in time.

Meanwhile....stop getting your fingers in the way

The bags are perfect, and might decapitate the decks or your fingers if you are not respectful.

(I might have to call "high Treason" on you..... ha ha ha ha ha)

You will get used to the snug bag.

It is hugging the deck.
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