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Originally Posted by dangerdork
If people are using Arrien Soul Cards to find significators and then placing themselves on one of the paths here, then I'm curious to hear how that works out.
I've already used Mary K. Greer's Tarot Constellations book to find my Personality, Soul, Hidden Factor, etc. cards. (MKG expanded upon Arrien's original application of Soul Cards.) Let's apply those to the Seven Stations and see what happens.

Based on my Date of Birth:
Personality and Soul cards are both the Hermit => Hidden Path x 2
Hidden Factor card is the Moon => Hidden Path

So, that's 3 Hidden Path cards, but basically wherever one of these cards lands, the other two will also land. But as I've already said, the Hidden Path is where I feel most aligned.

Based on my Given Birth Name:
Desires and Inner Motivations card is the Hanged Man => Hidden Path
Outer Persona card is Justice => Inner Path
Destiny card is Temperance => Inner Path
First Name card is the Hermit => Hidden Path
Middle Name card is the Hanged Man => Hidden Path
Last Name card is Justice => Inner Path
Theme Note card is the Hierophant => Inner Path
Rhythm card is the Hierophant => Inner Path
Melody card is Temperance => Inner Path
Life Potential card is Temperance => Inner Path

So that's 3 Hidden Path and 7 Inner Path cards. That's a whole lot of Inner Path, and I've already stated that I don't feel attuned to the Inner Path.

So my birthdate firmly places me in the Hidden Path and my birth name pretty firmly places me in the Inner Path. I believe that both my birthdate and birth name have something important to say about who I am. My birthdate seems to be in tune with how I see myself but my birth name doesn't.

But my birthdate determines what planets are in which houses, so that information should synch up somehow, right? My birthdate puts me in the Hidden Path. The majority of my natal chart is also in the Hidden Path, so that's good.

My birth name at best has an indirect correlation to my birthdate. (It's the name that happened to be given to the being who was born at the time of my birth.) But it does seem to correlate with the second most prevalent path shown by my natal chart. Coincidence? I don't know since, again, I'm a data point of 1.

More questions and still no answers....

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