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your system


I haven't yet read through this entire thread, but it's sparked off something I'd like to share. Perhaps someone has already posted something along these lines, I don't know. This hit me almost immeadiately.

If you take your rows and make them columns you get something along the ilines of the tree of life. The fool is at the bottom-- the seeker who has of yet to choose a path.

There are three choices--

The right-hand path-- the Hermatic pathway. The magician who seeks to find his Holy Guardian Angel.

The middle path--the balanced way. By service to the gods, finding God

The left hand path-- the seeker who dares to be God. The Satanic path.

This is only my interpretation of your work. And it is what I consider a Great Work, one which has many truths.

My utmost respect to your work of the Higher Genius. A rare and wonderful thing to encounter. Thank you for sharing a Greater Mystery.

fly well
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