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Originally Posted by sravana
Begone, evil migraine!!!
Oh I so wish you could wave a magic wand and make it go away. All the Advil in the world is not making this bugger off. It's better today though, I can see now and don't puke at the sound of my breathing. Ugh.
Originally Posted by sravana
Hm. In what way do the books get in your way? And are you still referring to the 1JJ swiss?
Yep I'm referring to the 1JJ Swiss. Most of the books I have deal with the iconography that is specific to TdM Standards. The 1JJ Swiss deviates way to much to be of use. For example: The 1JJ Swiss has a man serenading a lady in the moon card. The towers and dogs are missing. The Sun card has a lady sharing a book with a young child. There is no brick wall and twins. So the books will have to wait for another IDS with a standard deck... not sure which one yet though!
Originally Posted by sravana
Me, I'm too busy freaking out over the financial mess to do much with tarot, though I guess this is the best time to mull things over with a deck, eh?
It would be ideal! I'll cross my fingers for your financial mess. Those are never fun!

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