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Originally Posted by Juliecucciawatts
The overall lesson of this lunar cycle is about the passage of Time. This month we will follow the lunar phases in the minor cards to help us understand the human need to measure Time. As well as the positive and negative aspects of living in a physical world where all things are governed by Time.
The image for the Hermit in the MAAT Tarot is the ancient Egyptian god Ra whose secret name was the Sun. Ra is indeed the hermit as he always sits alone in the daytime sky joined occasionally by the moon goddess alone. Ra was the supreme god in Egypt.
I highlighted what Julie said here and what I read about Ra or Re from the crystalinks website There is quite a bit of information on the Egyptians on this site and much much more.

In this particular 'creative myth', Ra or Re had descended to earth and become a human. He reigned as a Pharoah and all was good. But he was getting old and one day as he walked upon a similar road, a snake bit him. A snake that was formed from the clay of the earth and his own spittle.

The poison burned with a great burning, more powerful than any flame of fire, and Re (Ra) cried out at last: "Let the Name of Power pass from my heart into the heart of Isis! But before it does, swear to me that you will tell it to no other save only the son whom you will have, whose name shall be Horus. And bind him first with such an oath that the name will remain with him and be passed on to no other gods or men."

Isis the great magician swore the oath, and the knowledge of the Name of Power passed from the heart of Re into hers.

Then she said: "By the name which I know, let the poison go from Re for ever!"

So it passed from him and he had peace. But he reigned upon earth no longer. Instead he took his place in the high heavens, traveling each day across the sky in the likeness of the sun itself, and by night crossing the underworld of Amenti in the Boat of Re and passing through the twelve divisions of Duat where many dangers lurk.
How often it is we we feel we have 'snakes' or fire breathing dragons keeping us from the path of self esteem and happiness. Many of these 'beasts' hang out in the dark caves of our subconscious.....most of them generated out of fear. Fear, guilt and shame can bind us to our past hurts and stop us from moving forward.

I do think it has taken tremendous courage for this Hermit to remove himself from the clutches of his fears (the snake) below. But if he hadn't faced his fears the snake(s) would have gained strength and at some point suddenly raised itself up, demanding the Hermit's attention.

The Hermit now knows that fear and past hurts cannot be avoided but faced, lived through and learned from. I'm sure he has learned to pay attention to his dreams, intuitions, passions and everyday events as well as synchronicities which eventually have led him to the summit. To do this, he may have had to leave all that was familiar to him (home, family, parents, relationships) to discover his Self and natural gifts and talents. What an expansive vision!

His red robe (blood and fire) probably means his life at this point in time is now directed outward. All that has been experienced, learned and understood the Hermit now belongs in the midst of life. His feelings run so deep to help others, he will make an effort to surmount his passion for solitude and privacy.

Orange is a very warm social color and could intuitively reflect a profession in which there are wide contacts with humanity.
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