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Originally Posted by juliecucciawatts
Hi CR,
As long as we are on the topic of the Hermit and we know how tarot is a
living thing and is constantly unfolding. I had the privilege of going to the
Serpent Mound in Ohio the day after the Summer Solstice this past June.(The Serpent Mound is pictured in the foreground of MAAT's Hermit) I put it into the painting because of its similarity visually to the legend of Ra and Isis. And I like seeing similarities in different ancient cultures and myths. What I found there rocked my world.
First of all this giant mound is up on top of a cliff alone in the middle of an unpopulated area. When you walk the path around the serpent it is fairly tall in places and it is aligned with the Summer Solstice sunset. When viewed at sunset it appears as if the sun sets into the egg in the serpents mouth. The curves of the snakes body is aligned with the farthest moon sets and moon rises and the tail is aligned with the winter solstice sun rise, so in effect it would appear that the snake that swallows the summer solstice sun at sunset would give birth to the newborn sun on winter solstice morning. There is no writing or stories left to us about this mound but the mound itself seems to tell the story.
I made 3 short videos about this with my husband as we walked through this park June 22nd.
You may want to check out the videos and see what comes to you about it.

Viewing the serpent mound made me understand why it had to be in the Hermit card.

Thanks for writing.
Thanks for pointing this out Julie. I knew I had seen this mound before but couldn't place the name. On it is said of the Serpent Mound
This powerful energy rising from the depths of the earth-body is the energy of transformation, the energy that destroys blockages and barriers to the higher states of consciousness. It is the energy charted by shamans of every primary culture, the energy inherent in every human body.
Exactly what I believe the Hermit himself has learned and experienced. This card has been a confirmation for my own life.........I was born when the Moon was full in Capricorn.

Robert Frost once said, "The best way out is through", how true!
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