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Originally Posted by thorhammer
I can't seem to get into the swing of my other decks at the moment - I tried with the Circle of Life but I think that one's dead in the water Sad, but there you go. \m/ Kat

I know what you mean about the Circle of Life. Wanted to like it so much. I wanted to use it and get to know it better but in the end it was just too odd, strange and the cards were just too big.

Good News!!!! I got my Fournier Marseille deck today and I love it already. The cards are made of the strangest stuff, I don't know, I think it might even be paper. How novel! Joking! I love the size and the colors are vibrant and the backs are calming. Very little border and a great size make this a contender in the race for the IDS. I am still anxious to get my 1JJ Swiss but it it takes much longer then it might just have to wait.

On a side note, I think that I will also be working with the Mona Lisa Tarot as well. I have gotten involved with it the last couple of days and can not put it down. I am pretty sure I am not going to be reading with it and will only be helping to study it. I also have doubts that this current interest will keep longer than say a month or so.

The TdM is still my primary focus and I am ready to get started!

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