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Originally Posted by teomat


With autumn creeping up, I'm getting an overwhelming urge to switch to my Halloween tarot (the thread on it being available in a tin has well and truly poisoned me).
It's one of my favourite decks, but I feel like I'll fail my IDS if I indulge! But if I can't use the Halloween now, it feels like a wasted opportunity...

All you TdM-ers - please remind me how wonderful the TdM is!!

(and tell me something awful the Halloween deck to put me off...)
Why not let yourself use them only on Gate night and Halloween? Then back to the regular program! TdM's are awesome but even so it may be a nice refresher to use a different deck for just those two days and then come back to your TdM's. That way you will notice new and different things for your study!

I don't have any issues with giving myself a day or two off to play with a different deck once in awhile (as long as it's not a habit) as I think it' helps us refuel and see the deck in a different light.

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