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Originally Posted by mosaica
That's exactly what I love about the TdMs. You can throw everything that you've ever read in books about the given esoteric meanings of the cards out the window. The meanings don't have to be that "heavy." Nothing has to be predetermined. They are perfect for "seizing the day" (or the moment) and "questioning authority." Every time you do a reading, you can discover something new. Not only "can green be the color of wands," but do there have to be any "elements" assigned to the cards at all? Can wands represent simply something alive and formed by natural forces (as opposed to the man made nature of swords, coins, and cups). Can the shape of the wands and the way they are arranged on the cards mean something, without regard to their color? If you let go of assigned meanings, then you start to see unlimited metaphorical possibilities.
Oh thank you for this. I have been puzzling over Onyx's post for a bit here. I couldn't figure out why the colour of a wand would matter about elements!! I often forget that others are coming into TdM's from the other "traditions" decks and that those decks have set meanings for all this stuff. LOL I'm too used to my freedom I think!

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