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Shapeshifter Tarot study group?

I think a study group would be a great idea for anyone wanting to still get to grips with the deck.

I think it is a difficult deck to interpret but I like the idea behind it so I am determined not to give up too soon.

Just to start off for anyone who wants to have a go I picked a card at random, I don't intend to refer to the book and want to see if it comes naturally. Please give your interpretations of this or any other card.

3. The Mother - I read once that if nothing comes intuitively start by describing the object or card so here goes.
A woman with long white or grey hair who is pregnant and draped in a green robe is standing in a stream holding and apple next to a white winged horse who is drinking from the stream.
Around the woman are stars and above is what looks like a milky way in orange and yellow.
The dominating colours though in the ard are blues and greens.

It obviously relates to The empress because of the pregnancy. And the fruits she bears (apple). The stream she is stood in is whooshing upwards towards the milky way at one side. Could this mean lifting emotions to the stars or Cosmic consciousness? The grey or white hair of the woman would signify experience and knowledge, and as the hair goes down and mingles with the stream I would say that it meant emotional maturity. The winged horse their ready to carry her to better things. Blues and greens suggest peacefullnes and harmony to me and the pale yellow ground and milky way would suggest the warmth and welcoming of the earth or earthly things.

I think this is probably one of the easier cards to start with.
Anymore for anymore?
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