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Welcome and welcome back to all who have joined!

Okay. I've been missing in action and not just from here. I have slacked. Oh yes, really slacked. I have not touched Tarot cards in days. I have a reading exchange to do that is not done. *sighs*

Some type of strange lunacy overtook me and I bid on a lot of tarot decks and won them. They arrived today. I have a White Box C Thoth, Pocket Thoth, Haindl, and incomplete Mythic and Cosmic. Now that they are here I am wondering why they are here? Other than the pocket Thoth (which I am keeping) I have no idea what I'm doing with these. They did remind me I need to quit slacking.

I think I'm in that bump. I've hit that wall. I'm in the black pit. I have no interest in the Swiss. Part of me just wants it done so I can move on. Part of me is avoiding it all. It's not that I don't get the deck, just that I am bored with it. And I only have a suit and a half of pips to go! How sad. I need to push past this and not sure how to go about that.. *sighs again*

Stuck in the rut,
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