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Letīs talk about nudity...

Ok, Im hijacking a thread which Cat was going to start, but now is as good a time as any, seeing the way that a couple of unrelated threads have currently picked up on this.

Whatīs with the dated, 1950s style comic book/ Playboy nudity in so many (particularly Scarabeo) decks?

Let me get something straight; I love nudity. I know itīs a metaphor for nakedness of spirit, candidness, of being at ease, lack of deceit etc etc. Im not talking about that kind of nakedness. Im talking about tremulous, heaving, breast-baring nudity in which women (never men) go about expressing their time-honoured tarot traditions (pouring from urns, sitting on thrones, holding scales, swords, batons) but with breasts accidentally popping out, and buttocks exaggeratedly pert?

Why does this bother me? Two reasons. Itīs not the nakedness as candidness stuff. Secondly, itīs never men. Why donīt we see The Hanging Man naked more often, with gravity-defying member? (Ok, you get it on the Haindl, but when they tried to do it on the Rohrig it was quickly "reissued" as if we werenīt quite ready to deal with it) The nudity is never democratic, itīs a kind of "nudity" from 50 years back. I could be wrong, but I always suspect that the majority of tarot readers are women. Do they want to see this? Some do (Cat, for instance) But do the rest of the female members here not find some of these images a bit uncomfortable or gratuitous or unnecessary? And who do you think theyīre aimed at?

Thereīs the Rohrig (great deck; but you do get a sense of male libido working over-time). Thereīs the Klimt (which I love, but by being so stripped of meatiness they strike me as having been largely assexualised). Itīs mainly the Scarabeo comic-book style ones. And the consciously "erotic" ones. The Casanova; contorting nude women and heavily buttoned-up men.

I mean, why?
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