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Le Fanu,
This imbalance in nudity isn't unique just to tarot. Look around. How many magazines show half naked or fully naked men? Yet, there is a long list of men's magazines with naked women. In movies, how often do we see a man without clothes? Very seldom. If they show a man's bare backside it is surprizing. I think it is very slowly starting to change but it probably won't change until women change. Men (in general) want to see naked women. Women still put a higher importance on the quality of the relationship than on just sex. I think a lot of women would look at a picture of a man doing something that is tender and gentle as being romantic and 'sexy' even if he were fully clothed. If women start demanding to see the total package, it will probably happen. I guess I just don't see that many women wanting that. (I don't want to imply that we women don't want to look, of course we do, it's just that I think we put higher value on other qualities.) One of my favorite decks is the Cosmic Tribe. It is an equal opportunity nudity deck! And yes, I think the Knight of Swords has a very nice sword. ;-}
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