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Originally Posted by thorhammer
Raeanne's right - the imbalance is everywhere. So much so, that I think women are largely desensitised to it, hardly even noticing naked women any more. Look, for example, at sculpture. How many classical-type works of art featuring scantily-clad mermaids and nymphs have been knocked off for the purposes of cheap (and nasty, if I may add) water-features in pretentious suburban gardens?
Heh, all that talk about women pouring water reminds me of an art lesson back then... The (male) teacher had us examine some of those ridiculous postures (would you really lift a large, heavy urn full of water up over your head to pour from it while you pose elegantly on one leg?!) and helped us realize that many of these pieces of classic art actually served erotic purposes for their buyers...

Originally Posted by thorhammer
Also, I think there's an element of removing female nudity from the explicitly sexual; whereas a naked male just screams "sex!!" to a woman.
Very good point.

I'd like that female nudity is also often seen as vulnerability whereas male nudity is often seen as some sort of "threat." This is certainly due to age-old patriarchal (there, I've said it) structures in our minds and lives, but that still doesn't make it right. (Look at the Manara's Empress to get a different idea of female nudity and power.)

To get back to that Ten of Pentacles in the World Spirit: the creators said it was about the guy being free to do what he wants and if he wanted to meditate without his pants, good for him - but some people saw an immediate threat to the children in the same card. I don't think anyone would have reacted that way if it had been a woman without pants.

Originally Posted by thorhammer
But I agree about the comic-book nudity. The Initiatory Tarot of the Golden Dawn has to be one of the worst I've seen for it that isn't specifically an erotic deck. What's with those Princesses??? I don't think it's necessary and it's certainly not in the slightest bit realistic. IMO, it's distracting from what could have been a really serious and useful deck there - an intellectually fulfilling deck sabotaged by the culture of spotty adolescent comic-book fans *sigh*
*lol* What a great description of what's going on there! I agree, comic-book nudity usually isn't the way to go when you want to get something serious across. (Not that sexuality isn't serious and/or spiritual, but you know what I mean...) You wouldn't wear a short short skirt and revealing blouse if you wanted to be taken seriously as a financial expert, automechanic, or teacher either, no matter how much you enjoyed such clothing when you were not at work.
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