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Iím afraid Iím pulling out of my IDS. My interest in the Angel tarot lasted until the beginning of this month, but like I said earlier, I then felt the need to use my Halloween deck.

And now, after using the Halloween for two weeks, Iím getting itchy fingers AGAIN!

Iíve decided that Iím just not a Ďone-deckí person, and although I really like the idea of the IDS and sticking with one deck for a long time, itís just not gonna happen for me.

But I donít actually feel bad about it. In fact, itís a bit of a relief!

I think Iíve been too caught up with the idea of Ďone deck being the definitive tarot for meí. One thatíll be my lifelong favourite or the one I know best.

In reality, I learn best from comparing decks. I want to see how each card has been portrayed and interpreted in various decks, and hopefully come to understand the core Ďessenceí of the card through comparison. Iím going to do this by blogging my daily draws (switching between all my decks) and hopefully in time determine the key elements of each card by recording the events of my day and figuring out the common underlying themes and patterns.

Sticking with one deck will limit me to a specific image, and although I thought working with a TdM will teach me Ďthe basicsí, Iíve come to regard it as just another jigsaw piece in the bigger picture that is Ďtarotí. And if I want to learn what tarot is and how I can use it, I canít limit myself to just one deck and one interpretation.

Anyway, thanks for the support everyone and good luck on your own IDS journeys.
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