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Originally Posted by Strategeus
I just received my Touchstone Tarot LE (418/500) today, and it is absolutely beautiful! It's everything I could have hoped for and more. And the bag is gorgeous too!

I took the deck out just once to look at the number and artwork and then quickly and carefully put everything back into the bag exactly as it was and taped it back up in its original shipping container, to be saved until I feel comfortable moving beyond the Universal Waite on which I'm learning. While I had it out, though, I looked through the cards...simply stunning! I'm very happy with it, and the presentation of the whole package was superb! It's truly a treasure.

Best regards,
Let me get this straight.....the Touchstone is only your second deck???

Let me say that I commend your excellent taste and also that I'm quite jealous in that your tarot experience will surely be strongly influenced by this deck in so many ways!

I do agree with Faunabay, however, and would say that you might really get more out of the Touchstone tarot by plunging right in!

I do understand your fears, as I ordered a second limited edition and I'm leaving that one sealed. I've already spilled 7up on the Fool card and had to wipe it off (it was fine.)

I'm with Faunabay on the riffle shuffle too. (That's what you call the shuffle you do with playing cards?) I also feel I get a better shuffle that way. There is another way to clear a deck, and you might not know this one....

You lay out the first seven cards in a row, then go back to the start of the row and lay another seven cards on top of those and then keep doing that until all cards are down in seven piles. Then pick up the piles in order or at random, and you have cleared the deck of cards sticking or of cards doing their own little tricks.

This would give you a very good shuffle without beating up your cards. This was from RJ Stewart, in his book to accompany the Merlin.
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