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Pearls of Wisdom - Four of Swords

In an earlier post discussing the '2, 3, and 4 of Swords', I wrote the following:

"On the 4 of Swords - is that the same bearded man from the 2 and 3 of Swords? He is sitting alone in the wilderness, a bed roll and banner nearby. Day is dawning or ending; birds coming from or going to their nests. What interests me is that the four swords surround him and form the Rune Ingwaz, the Rune of containment and gestation useful in creating a boundary so whatever is within is protected while it comes to full form and flavor. The arch on the border contains Wunjo (Joy/Fellowship), Gebo (Gift), Isa (Ice), and Perthro (Luck). The formula could be interpreted as a call to the Spriits of that place, that he comes freely for communion with them; he has released expectations of what is to come and trusts his Luck to see him through it. The man, presumeable a knight based on the nearby helmet has separated himself from society for a reason and judging from the length of his hair and beard, he's been waiting a while. The blue sworling sphere in the lower right corner has me stumped."

At the center of thw blue sworling sphere is a pearl.

There is a bee near the hilt of each sword. The man sits on a circular patch of brown earth surrounded by thick grass. He holds a short string of pearls and a yellow flower, similar to the flowers dotting his campsite. Those yellow flowers remind me of little fires. Check out the Temperance, Star, Death, Two of Cups and Knight of Cups - those little yellow flowers dot the lansdcape there, too.

There are at least six Earth Spirits forming the mountains in the distance.

There is a freely flowing river. It is bordered by bare earth then thick grass, similar to the patch of earth and greenery that the man is sitting on. As the river flows, kept within it's borders, the tides within the man are flowing, kept within the borders marked by the swords forming the Ingwaz Rune.

The Runes are discussed above. Here are the Rune Totals:
Wunjo + Gebo = 8 + 7 = 15 = Elhaz = Connection with the Gods; Protection
Isa + Perthro = 11 + 14 = 24 = Othila = Home and Family; Othila is my Rune of 'Journey's End' - whatever you seek, suffered for, and achieved becomes part of you and through the Clan Connection of Othila, it becomes part of them, too.
Elhaz + Othila = 15 + 24 = 39 = 3 + 9 = 12 = Jera = Harvest, Reward for your efforts

This card is heavily loaded with Runes for internal growth that extends beyond the self. If we add Ingwaz to the Rune Tally:
22 + 39 = 61 = 6 + 1 = 7 = Gebo = Gift, mutual exchange
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