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Wow! You are so right. And I didn't already know; I don't use reversals as a rule.
I drew the 10 of Pentacles today (Zehn der Munzen) and I just now turned it upside down. Suddenly the diamond seems like it's falling out of the labyrinth (I didn't connect them directly before), and a previously indeterminate shape at the top becomes a floating face at the bottom. Could the face be my mirror image floating in the unconcious, perhaps representing my intuitive faculties? And the diamond could be diamond conciousness (not a concept I know a lot about, actually, but I've heard it described as reaching a new place of clarity, insight or awareness and being free from confusion or doubt) that occured as the result of my labyrinth journey (that journey coming to an end since this is a 10). As a reversal, perhaps this would be telling me that getting in touch with my intuition and reaching a place of mental clarity are necessary before I can travel back out of the labyrinth and carry my insights out into the world, ie: to manifest them materially, thus sharing my wealth, or to have the clarity to realize that wealth already surrounds me.
Thanks for pointing this facet of these wonderful cards out to me!
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