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K. I've finally gotten past my block on applying the third path to the Ancient Egyptian Tarot. What finally helped for me was to look at the paths as Physical/Mental/Spiritual or Body/Mind/Spirit instead of Outer/Inner/Hidden. The associations of priest, moral and Church with the Inner path and spirit with the Hidden path kept me going down the road of having two religious/spiritual paths. In retrospect, that's interesting because I'm not religious and while I think that in an ideal world religion and spirituality would go hand in hand, I don't believe that's the case with most organized religions today.

Later on today I'll post my analysis of how the Seven Stations applies to the AET in the AET study thread and link to it here.

So I've seen how the cards align along the paths. But what I can't decide is how or if the cards along the stations should be studied. Yes, Death, Temperance and the Devil are all epiphanies. And I now know how those cards fit into each of their paths. But do those cards need study between them as epiphanies? If so, what kind? I think I covered them as different types or levels of epiphanies in looking at the paths. Should they be looked at as a progression of epiphanies? Something else I can't think of right now?

Or should I just move on to looking at the Minors?

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