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Just fabulous stuff, Rodney. Really incredible work!

Your last post laid out the Seven Stations in a way that makes complete sense to me. I like the "Eternal World" designation for the Hidden Path. And it feels like I can follow the stations from one world to the next.

One interesting thing I noticed is that the three "Turning Point" cards can each have a fulcrum of sorts in them, if you use the scales for justice. The fulcrum of the Wheel of Fortune is not controllable, and you have to take what comes. The fulcrum on the scales gives you a choice, of sorts, or a view of two paths that you can take in dealing with your life. The fulcrum of the Hanged Man is the point from which the man is actually hung. Here the choice is whether or not to put yourself at the end of that rope and just swing.

And that was without even laying out the cards! I'm off to try it with some decks...see what else bubbles to the surface.


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