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Colors, a small sidebar and chakra alignment

Just one of those parallels...starting from the lowest to the highest, color ranking...

Rodney says:
As for colors, I know red is the beginning of the visible spectrum and violet is the end of it, so it would be:

(numbers and chakras added by Cerulean)
1. Origin - Red - root chakra
2. Inspiration - Orange - sacral
3. Power - Yellow - solar plexus
4. Turning Point - Green -heart
5. Transformation - Blue - throat
6. Epiphany - Indigo - third eye
7. Destiny - Violet - crown

The start of seven chakras from red at the bottom to violet/purple being on top is used in visualizing healing or attunement with that chakra. Dion Fortune wrote that even with her sketchy knowledge of yoga back in her time (1920s through 1950s), she managed 'on her own' to find color associations that fit when she delved into the subject more deeply.

Gareth Knight augmented her more sketchy discussions in a 1996-7 reprint by pointing out that what used to be considered secret occult knowledge was much more accessible and understood in common language nowadays. Yoga chakras and color associations for instance are tiny bits of information in many books found in a bargin bin--or pretty colored sequins, stones or glass
attached to 'healing' wands.

What I find interesting is the keywords associated with the colors might find interesting parallels in visualization and healing work.

Seven chakras and 'other' associations - the chart is what is of interest-- attached below separately--it was attached to a workshop ad, so the chart is posted for informational interest.

Other seven and chakra associations:

There's free download of seven tones associated with each chakra, but I haven't tried them.

Sacred seven in tarot layouts certainly yields some interesting byways! Hope it adds interests and bridges to other tarot-related topics and byways.

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