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Lightbulb It's YOU!

Originally Posted by bumble bee
They are dressed in their royal finery. But when you look in the mirror image the empress is facing a skeleton who is coming toward her. Is this a reflection in the mirror or is he in the room actually reflected in the mirror. Does she know she is smiling at a skeleton or is she seeing what she wants to see?
Ohmygawd! I finally got a chance to really, really examine this deck. The Empress is facing a skeleton...but it's not her dead husband, or the girl's real mom, or death....If you examine it right, you'll find it'

Give it another look! If there was a real mirror there, you would see a reflection of yourself as you look at the Empress card, right? YOU are looking at her. YOU are reflected in the mirror. And your reflection, as in that of a haunted house mirror is that of a skeleton!

IMHO, this is brilliant! And yes, I think she knows exactly what she's looking and smiling at. A "mother" the Empress knows all about the cycle of life and death. She knows that we are all her children, all the same underneath.

Dark as it is, this is still the Empress card and one of the most telling and best that I've seen. We never really leave the great mother, though we may imagine that we do. I think that's why she's smiling. We think we're different, but she sees, and her mirror shows, that to her, we're not. And we imagine, having become adults, that we've escaped her embrace, but we all come back to it in the end. Back to Mother Earth.
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