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Question Anyone still studying this?

Or would like to start anew? I know this was originally done a few years ago but I'm new here and loving this deck. I too "got" tarot when I got this deck. I got it at a silent auction at a recent Astrology and Metaphysical fair that I was working at. The deck I have is the black back with the gold symbol for the four suits entertwined in the middle. I had only bought new decks before and I was unsure about buying a deck that had been someone else's, until I got it and realized how much love and good energy was still in the cards. I love mythology, esp Greek and these cards and the book really spoke to me. I even picked up the study workbook that goes with this deck at a bookstore used for a few bucks and I'm itching to really get into this deck.

If anyone else has the workbook, maybe we could start a new study group using the workbook as a guide? I've been trying to find the blank cards somewhere online that I can print to color like in the workbook as I'd like to create my own workbook instead of writing in their printed book. I know I'll need a lot more space to write than they have given. If all else fails, I may just scan the images from their book to print and put in my notebook for coloring like the workbook suggests.

Anyone interested in doing this with me? I'd love to have at least a couple of friends to travel this journey with to keep me accountable and motivated... Maybe have a goal of going through the workbook together doing one card a week or every 3 days or something?

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