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Originally Posted by magpie9
Have you really looked at that deck? It's pretty primitive collage, with nothing like the seamlessness Magic Realist Press has achieved on their later decks. It's all buildings and statues and humans or anything that breathes anywhere. Do you really want to spend even $40. on collaged architecture? Sometimes it's the scarcity factor that makes us yearn for newly OOP decks that when there were a lot of copies around we wouldn't have on toast points with cream sauce. Are you really really sure that's not at work here?
You have a very good point about the buildings, although I did see some people...or I thought I did. I didn't know it was scarce when I fell in love with it. Bt the collage is a factor I should take another look at. I'm on a mission to own all the Baba decks, so this was possibly unfair to put on the de-enabling thread, but the last de-enabling was such a stunning success...some AT members actually talked another member into canceling a deck she had already ordered. So I thought it was a good time for a bigger challenge.

If I hadn't posted on this thread, however, I'd not have found the deck for 40 dollars. So it's a win-win situation.

However....I ordered the deck.

Thanks for trying, guys!!!
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