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I love the kobong aspect of the cards.

I find it gives a deeper more personal reading, and really draws the enquirer into their issue, as they can see how they have influenced their life. Things don't just happen, we consciously or otherwise (subconsciously, karmically etc) make our life what it is, and isn't, and the kobong card allows us to see this clearly.

I have given a number of readings where the kobong card is actually what the enquirer already saw as their totem/medicine/animal spirit guide (all depends on their slant!)
This resulted in absolute fits of laughter once from a person who's kobong came up as Frog. Only after the reading I found out that was their personal medicine animal!

I myself have drawn Waratah, Moon and Rainbow Serpent a number of times each as my kobong card in a reading.
My husband has Gymea Lily, which has come up 3 readings in a row in differnt positions inc kobong. He fears that card now, but I do think he is intuitive without realising or acknowledging it. he denies his spiritual side, although he encourages me in spiritual pursuits.
Anyway, not sure why I am on about that...

Anyone have kobong stories?
Donni, do you mind trying to give the right pronounciation of the word?

Sharon xx
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