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Initiatory Tarot of the Golden Dawn

Originally Posted by Le Fanu
I ordered the new Scarabeo Initiatory Tarot of the Golden Dawn... I know itīs just all bursting boobs and is shamelessly unbalanced in terms of gender. And I know the kind of readings itīs going to give; Card for the day; all your clothes are going to fall off (but only if youīre female)... I know all this. I know itīs comic book stuff.

But it has an energy which draws me in. I like the energy of it, the colours, the different angles and perspectives. I feel I need deck which is MODERN and youthful...

Well... I don't often post here because I'm of the mind that people want what they want whether it's good for them or not and, seeing the err of their ways, are left to learn the invaluable lesson of: 'what was I thinking!' *lol*, and either sell it, trade it, burn it, or whatever...

Alas, when I went to see the photos of this deck I was immediately smacked upside the head with, 'what was Lo Scarabeo thinking!' *lol*

I'm afraid I must wholly disagree with your assessment of 'modern and youthful' for if ever there was deck that screamed 'timeless lechery' this is it! *lol*... The entire stereotype of sneaky Italians pinching unsuspecting women's behind's came flooding into my mind... I guess, for me, that must be what Lo Scarabeo means by 'Initiatory', *rofl*

In the end, the horrendous expression of what is supposed to be a magickal invitation into the numinous world of our psyche is only superseded by the flat, soulless expression of an overworked, underpaid, factory-line artist... and a not-very-good-one at that... In short, this deck falls into the realm of what I call 'paycheck decks'... It's not even interesting, or witty, enough, to be classified as 'camp'...

If you are seeking the energy of an erotic deck, and it seems that you are, there are much better ones out there...
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