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another great descprition RS!

I just wanted to add some of the other things on this card that I noticed...

For some reason my eyes kept going back to a couple different things... The first of which is the presence of crystals in the lower left hand corner among what looks like water?

Another part of this image that stood out for me was the bees - even though they are all circling in the same direction seemingly protecting him, it occurred to me that they all had a different view of the same scenery, maybe indicative of him taking the time to find a new/different perspective.

The Last thing that kept standing out for me was the fact that he choose to hoist the flag - was he standing guard for a hidden army, with his sword and helmet at the ready, taking the opportunity of solitude to ponder his current situation..

And yes, I am also at a loss for the sphere - the only thing that comes to mind is fact that whatever it is has the same swirl pattern as the water in the lower quadrant of the stream, lending to the thought that he is soo at one with the nature around him that he is able to draw energy from all things around him ie the water and the fire.
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