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Originally Posted by vee
I yelled for you! It was a great time. I was in the ticketed area, and got there pretty early so I was pretty close to the stage area. I was kind of nervous about going, so I drew a card from the DruidCraft--and it was Rebirth, which the book says is a "call for change!" I'm definitely glad I went, it was such a positive experience.
Oh man. If things go well with this administration, you will have a grand story to tell for years and years.

That being said, what about that dress??? I didn't care for it at all...

Oh - back on topic.
My IDS has been on the back burner the past several days, but hopefully I will be able to do a daily draw with some posting tomorrow. I haven't even gotten the deck out of it's box/bag in days, it seems.

Of course, the holidays are fast approaching, so time will be more and more tight... *and* I'm getting thinbuddha's Payen deck, so I'm sure that will knock me off course a bit. I haven't done any spreads lately, but I feel one coming up in a few days.

Hope you all are looking forward to a grand weekend!
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